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Liquorice – Another Native Of Calabria! …

Liquorice is like Marmite. People either love it or hate it. There is no middle ground! The plant is native to northern Calabria near Taranto. The Amarelli family have been harvesting and selling it since the 17th century. So much so, you can now visit their factory and museum!

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Diamante Peperoncino Festival

Diamante is a charming fishing village on the Tyrrhenian Sea known for its mural-lined streets. A visit any time of year is advisable, but if you plan your trip for its annual Peperoncino Festival you’re in for an especially spicy treat!

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Valentina Harris

Podcast – Interview With Valentina Harris

Welcome to the second episode of Our Lives In Italy, Today we’ve got the pleasure of chatting with Valentina Harris.
What she doesn’t know about Italian food and cooking probably isn’t worth knowing. Educated in Italy, Valentina arrived in London from Ro…

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